October 01, 2013

Socksifying with Dante socks

Installing Dante socks

Official Dante SOCKS page: http://www.inet.no/dante/

Download and install Dante SOCKS from source code

wget -c ftp://ftp.inet.no/pub/socks/dante-1.3.2.tar.gz
tar xvzf dante-1.3.2.tar.gz
cd dante-1.3.2/
./configure --prefix=/usr
make -j2
make install

Configure Dante SOCKS In the following example our socks server is on port 1080/tcp.

[root@laptop ~]# cat /etc/socks.conf
#route to SOCKS server which supports both SOCKS version 4 and 5
route {
        from: to: via: port = 1080
        proxyprotocol: socks_v4 socks_v5
        method: none

Finally you can connect anywhere with Dante socks.


Windows Remote Desktop (RDP) connection to

socksify rdesktop -g 1200x800 -EPbz